Google Glass OLED Displays Reportedly Coming From Samsung


According to a new report by The Korea Times, Samsung is the one providing OLED displays to Google for the consumer version of Google Glass. The internet search giant’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt has already said that the consumer version won’t be released until 2014. Right now Google Glass units are only in the hands, or rather on the faces of a select few called Explorers. One of the supply chain sources cited in this report claims that Google selecting Samsung as a supplier is a “very big thing” because it somehow means that “Google shares confidential information with Samsung on its future projects.”

Obviously Google isn’t the only oneĀ benefitingĀ from this rumored deal. Shipping OLED displays for Glass would seriously boost Samsung’s own OLED business. The fact that Samsung did not even mention Google or Android at its Galaxy S4 event lead many to believe that the Korean manufacturer was inching away from Google. It is no secret that Samsung smartphones are some of the most sold Android devices on the planet. Even if there are tensions on the Android front, and if this report is anything to go by, then it would seem that Google hasn’t branded Samsung as it main rival yet. Things aren’t tense to the level on which Google will move its business away from Samsung, just like Apple is now doing.

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