glass-transparentIt is without a doubt that Google Glass is a piece of hardware which is highly desirable, although there does seem to be pretty restrictive rules concerning the device, especially those that prevent it from being sold at the risk of getting it bricked by the folks over at Google. While there is possibly no chance for the masses to get hold of their own Google Glass sometime this year, this does not mean the folks over at Google are not future forward, which is why they already have filed a patent application for “Near-to-eye display with diffraction grating that bends and focuses light”.

If one were to put that in plain English, Google is basically toying around with the idea of transparent displays, which would definitely signal a next generation application for Project Glass. It seems that this patent application talked about a specially designed “diffraction grating” that is placed on an “optical substrate” (which is actually the real glasses glass). The “diffraction grating” will sport several elements, where some of it will allow undisturbed ambient light for you to have a view of all that is around you, while other elements work to reflect and focus computer generated images that is coming in from your Glass frame. Sure sounds like a dream to own, no? Let us hope that the next generation Google Glass too, will have a decent battery life to go along with it.

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