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Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold Laptop, Coming in 2020
Lenovo’s Foldable ThinkPad now has an official product name and release date, it’s the ThinkPad X1 Fold. Lenovo says that it will hit the market in “mid-2020” for $2499+, depending on the configuration.

iPhones May Only Come With OLED Displays Starting 2020
The iPhone X was Apple’s first smartphone with an OLED display and the company followed that up with new models in 2018. It still offers an LCD model but 2019 might be the last year for this display technology in Apple’s lineup. A new report claims that Apple is going to go OLED only for iPhones starting next year.

HP Spectre 15 x360 with AMOLED display
The HP Spectre 15 x360 already gets a significant update at CES in the form of an AMOLED display option. If you just got one recently, you might kick yourself right now, but this is a very exciting option, and hopefully just a new beginning of AMOLED on laptops.

LG's 8K TVs Will Arrive Next Year
With 4K TVs becoming more common as the prices drop, it’s only a matter of time before 8K TVs are no longer niche products. Multiple companies are working to bring 8K TVs to the market and LG is one of them. The Korean giant has said that it will begin commercial production of its 8K TVs in 2019.


LG OLED and LED Televisions Coming in 2018
[CES 2018] LG has made its 2018 OLED product line official, and without much surprise, the best got a little bit better. Years ago, LG made a commitment to OLED TVs, and that move was met with resounding success last year, and it looks like 2018 will be more of the same. The LG OLED Televisions are the best money can buy if you can afford it, and given the […]

Apple Aiming To Mass Produce Micro-LED Displays
It was first reported that Apple was interested in micro-LED displays back in 2015. These displays offer some of the same perks that OLED displays offer compared to LCDs. There’s better color accuracy, faster response times, and improved contrast ratio courtesy of self-lit pixels. They can also be thinner, brighter, and more power efficient than OLED panels. According to a new report, Apple is now aiming to mass produce micro-LED […]

Apple Reportedly Offers LG Billions For iPhone OLED Displays
Apple has never made an iPhone before with an OLED display. The company is expected to change course this year with the iPhone 8. It’s believed to be the company’s first iPhone to feature an OLED panel. Samsung is likely going to be the major supplier since it has a virtual monopoly in the market. However, it appears that Apple is willing to give billions of dollars to a Samsung […]

LCD VS. OLED: Which Is Best, And Why
LCD and OLED are two very different display technologies that currently coexist on the mobiles and televisions markets. There are other (older) technologies such as Plasma (TV only), but right now, most users have to choose between these two. This page will give you some knowledge about both, and will highlight the differences between them — and provide a general direction for you to decide which is best for your […]

LG, Samsung & Sharp Invests In OLED Technology
Word has been going around that display manufacturers are looking at preparing themselves to meet the needs when the iPhone from Apple makes the jump to OLED displays some time next year, as mentioned earlier in the day. In other words, whatever major design change that is associated with the 2017 version of the iPhone, suppliers of Apple would do their level best to ensure that the 10th anniversary of […]

5.8-Inch OLED iPhone Expected Next Year
It has long been rumored that Apple will add an OLED iPhone to its lineup in the future with Samsung supplying the displays. So far the company has confirmed nothing of the sort but a new note from a well-known Apple analyst suggests that not only will the company launch an iPhone with an OLD display next year but it’s also going to bump up the screen size on that […]

Samsung Display OLED Production Lines Receive More Investment
It looks like Samsung Display is not holding back with news such as this, that the company will be investing millions into its OLED production lines, and one can only think of the recent rumor where OLED screens would be making their way into the iPhone 7s. It would not be weird for Samsung to display such a component to what looks like one of their biggest rivals on the […]

Samsung Will Reportedly Be Apple's Chief Supplier For iPhone OLED Panels
It has constantly been rumored for the past couple of months that Apple is going to shift to OLED displays for the iPhone. That would be a pretty major change and considering that it sells some of the most highly desirable smartphones on the planet naturally companies that make OLED panels would want a piece of Apple’s business. Samsung is an established OLED display supplier already and now it’s believed […]

LG's 18-Inch Rollable Display Works Brilliantly
[CES 2016] We do know that the folks over at LG have certainly placed plenty of emphasis on OLED technology while aiming high at this year’s CES, having just invested in a second OLED production plant not too long ago, and have started to move more aggressively in the OLED TV market as well. Taking their expertise in this department, LG has come up with an 18″ OLED display – […]

Dell 30-inch UltraSharp UP3017Q 4K OLED Monitor
Very few computer manufacturers are associated with high-quality displays. Dell has been among them ever since it came out with excellent 30” LCD monitors in 2006 (I still use the same one!). 10 Years later, the company announces a new 30-inch display with an OLED panel which sets the color saturation and contrast ratio to new heights.

LG Aims High At CES 2016
At its press event, LG was laser-focused on the user experience and on the clarity of purpose of each product it makes. LG’s new Signature line of products definitely aims for the high-end.

LG To Mass Produce Flexible Plastic OLED Displays This Year
LG Display has had gone through a rather successful fiscal quarter, and it seems there is more good news on the way – at least for those who are involved in mobile devices. LG Display is touted to deliver what they call as the “true flexible” Plastic OLED screen to everyone later this July. It seems that there has been various flexible displays already, seen in the LG G Flex […]

LG Display Begins To Mass Produce World’s First Circular Plastic OLED Display
South Korean consumer electronics giant LG has announced that one of their arms, LG Display, is all set to mass produce what is deemed to be the first circular plastic OLED display in the world. First introduced to the masses in a commercially available product via the LG G Watch R, what one gets would be a perfectly round and ultra slim display that ought to bring about a revolution […]

LG 18-inch Rollable OLED Panel Demonstrated
It’s a demo that always gets people’s attention: a display being flexed and rolled while it’s actually working and displaying something. You have seen these demos times and time again, but not with a big 18-inch display.

BMW OLED Laser Lights To Shape The Future Of Vehicle Lighting Systems
Were you awed when you first saw the “Angel Eye” lights on the BMW E39 all those years ago? Well, BMW continues to remain on the cutting edge of technology, where they are not too happy with the power hungry design of tail lights on existing vehicles, and intend to change the way things look in the future by sharing their vision of using OLED-based Organic Light technology in upcoming […]

LG Gallery OLED EA8800: Slim And Smart 55 HDTV
[CES 2014] It was expected that LG would make OLED TV related announcements at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and the company has definitely come through. Today it unveiled the 55 inch Gallery OLED EA8800 TV which also houses a 100W, 2.2 channel sound system within its “Paper Slim” design. Apart from the company’s Smart TV platform, the Gallery OLED also features LG’s proprietary WEGB OLED picture […]