Google Maps released some big updates for both its Android and iOS applications recently, but today, Google Maps’ web application has received its new interface which the company revealed just a few months ago without needing to be invited into the new Google Maps.

Google confirmed the wider availability of the new Google Maps web application through the service’s official Twitter account saying users will simply sign up to be given instant access. It looks as though Google has yet to officially roll out the new version of Google Maps as when accessing it will redirect you to a preview page for the updated service. Once you sign up to be given access to the new Google Maps, visiting will take you directly to the new Google Maps preview page.

The new Google Maps interface is said to be more immersive as users will focus more on the map itself rather than being bombarded by a number of buttons, sidebars and navigational elements. Google has also included updates to the map colors, icons and text styles to make it easier to read. Instead of describing it, you should go see it for yourself now that you can access it with a simple click of your mouse or trackpad.

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