google-maps-iosJust last week, we talked about how Google Maps for Android was updated with a slew of new features thrown into the mix, and here we are with Google Maps 2.0 for iOS being announced, boasting iPad support and indoor maps, now how about that? Google has overhauled its app in a manner which will add more focus on just how intuitive the categories will be, such as Eat, Drink, Shop, Play and Sleep. Apart from that, Google has revamped it in such a way that you would want to use them, even though you used to avoid the discovery features like the plague in the past. Of course, we also do remember that Google Maps’ bread and butter would be the ability to plot your journey, but this time around it is smarter since it can scout ahead for traffic in order to offer an alternative route just in case there is a fender bender up a few miles ahead.

Future Android and Apple iOS versions are said to offer nearly the same features, and the direction that Google has taken with this Google Maps app could cause it to eat into its competitors’ pie, such as Yelp, since the presence of built-in discovery and reviews would be more convenient for folks who do not want to exit the app and check out a different website or app. Expect this new Google Maps app to be available on the Apple App Store from Wednesday morning onwards.

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