Only yesterday we reported that Twitter is testing a new timeline box for trending TV shows. The box shows conversations about a TV show that’s making buzz on the microblogging network and also provides links to its related Twitter account. Today, as initially reported by TechCrunch, it has come to light that Twitter is testing another kind of timeline box as well, one that displays alerts about events happening nearby.

Just like the TV trending box, the one about events also shows up only on Twitter’s iOS app. It doesn’t show up on the website or the mobile web app. It is believed that both of these features are currently being tested on a very small scale, presumably only inside the U.S. Twitter hasn’t officially commented on these tests and features, so it can’t be speculated right now when these features will go live for all users. For nearby events, the box will display a representative tweet and will offer a shortcut that will bring up more tweets regarding that particular event. This may also become a revenue channel for Twitter, with people paying for placement within the box for their events. Those who would find themselves being irritated by the box will have the option of making it disappear by simply tapping on the X in the top right corner.

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