Twitter is the undisputed king for real-time interactions, so it seems. It has become a source for breaking news, which sometimes hits Twitter even before being picked up by conventional news outlets. This is not just limited to news, for example, a season premier or season finale of a popular TV series can lead to so many conversations and interactions that it starts trending worldwide.It appears that Twitter and TV go hand in hand, and seeing how the microblogging network is apparently testing a new “TV Trending” box, this relationship seems to be getting a lot more serious.

Twitter is reportedly testing this box on a small scale, the person who told TechCrunch about it says that he can only see the “TV Trending” box right now in the iOS app and not in the desktop view.He says that the box shows up once the timeline is refreshed and flows down with timeline as the user scrolls down. The box displays tweets relevant to that particular TV program and will also display Twitter accounts related to it. Clicking on the box itself is said to reveal more information about that program. Twitter hasn’t officially released a statement regarding this test, so it can’t be said right now when the “TV Trending” box will be rolled out for all users. Those who find it intrusive will be able to make it disappear by clicking on the X in the top right hand corner.

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