It was reported yesterday that Xbox One launch supplies might be constrained due to poor yield rates of a few components. Microsoft has already reduced Xbox One launch markets to meet demand, yesterday’s report seemed to make sense because of that. However, a few “supply chain players” have rubbished the rumor, claiming that the shipment forecast for Microsoft’s latest console has not been reduced.This report comes from infamous trade publication Digitimes.

Lite-On IT, which reportedly supplies Xbox One’s Blu-ray drive, said that it doesn’t comment on clients or orders, but said that its optimistic about its gaming business. The report cites sources who claim that the Blu-ray drive is a mature product and even though the optical disc drive needs to have better stability and performance for gaming consoles as opposed to PCs, there shouldn’t be any issues with the yield rate. Newmax, thought to be the camera module supplier for the new Kinect, said that current yield rates are in line with original planning. Since Microsoft hasn’t released any numbers about its shipment goals or the pre-orders received for Xbox One, it hasn’t commented on rumors of supply constraints. It was previously said that Xbox One would be released on November 8th, a new report today claims that the release will happen on a different date in November.

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