xbox-one-designPrior to E3, Microsoft unveiled their next-gen console the Xbox One, and then E3 came around and more details of the Xbox One were shared along with some policies which ultimately proved to be extremely unpopular with the masses.


Microsoft then backtracked on those policies but the damage was done and many gamers still remember them, which is why recently there has been a rumor floating about that Microsoft was looking to “reintroduce” the Xbox One console.

Apparently the move was so that Microsoft could create a fresh start in their relationship with the media and customers. As it turns out the rumor was false as Microsoft’s Larry Hyrb, also known as Major Nelson, refuted it on Reddit where he was quoted as saying that the rumor was not legitimate.

We’re not sure how much it would have helped anyway if Microsoft were to “reintroduce” the console, but at the same time it should be noted that not everyone was happy when Microsoft rescinded those policies, with some gamers even going as far as signing a petition asking Microsoft to bring those policies back.

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