xbox-one-official-photos-04When Microsoft officially backtracked on their policies for the Xbox One, many gamers were thrilled by it. At the same time, there are gamers who probably did not see what the big deal was to begin with, and unsurprisingly it seems that at least one Xbox engineer over at Microsoft felt the same way and has since posted their thoughts onto Pastebin. Naturally this is an anonymous post so there’s really no telling if this really is from a Microsoft Xbox engineer, or simply a rather creative writer, but it is pretty lengthy and if you’d like to read it in its entirety, head on over to Pastebin for the details.


For those who do not have the time to spare, to sum it up the Xbox engineer basically believed that if Microsoft had done a better job at communicating to their customers and gamers at the benefits or their Xbox One policies, they believe that gamers would have eventually come around and embraced those features with open arms. This is a pretty compelling argument and for fans or critics of the Xbox One, it’s definitely worth a read even if you might not agree.

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