htc_logoDespite HTC’s chairwoman, Cher Wang, coming forward and refuting rumors of the company selling out, new rumors have surfaced suggesting that Lenovo could be the company that will buy out HTC. The rumor comes about as HTC has recently posted an operating loss of $101 million, making it the company’s first in over a decade, and that because of that (amongst other reasons), HTC and Lenovo’s top executives have begun to meet with each other, dating as far back in August, about a possible buy out.

Given that Lenovo has already taken over IBM’s ThinkPad division, we guess acquiring new companies would not be a stretch of the imagination. Not to mention Lenovo is a pretty well-respected company amongst Chinese manufacturers, so for them to takeover HTC would not be such a bad thing. In any case this rumor is a bit odd given that HTC has flat out denied such a possibility only a day ago, so take it with a grain of salt for now, and hopefully either HTC or Lenovo will come forward with an official statement refuting the matter, or their silence could basically be a form of implicit acknowledgement. What do you guys think? If Lenovo were to takeover HTC, would they have better luck in the smartphone market?

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