htc-money_0It is no secret that HTC is not doing well for themselves, which is odd given that their phones like the HTC One are actually pretty decent and comparable compared to other high-end smartphones from Sony and Samsung, but we guess given the reputation and the weight behind Samsung, it is not surprising that HTC got overshadowed in the process. To that end it has been recently announced by HTC that the company has posted their first operating loss of over $101 million. This is the company’s first operating lost in their history although hopefully we will be able to see them recover in the next quarter.

HTC actually did warn investors that they could be facing a loss, especially when there were reports of HTC facing some shortages with HTC One Mini casings which would mean that the company would not be able to produce and sell as many units as they would like. According to the breakdown, HTC enjoyed a total revenue of $1.6 billion, and suffered an operating loss of $119.4 million before taxes. This saw the company’s earnings per share after tax take a dip of $0.12. Will HTC recover? Only time will tell, but according to the rumors, the Taiwanese company is working on a new OS that will target the Chinese market specifically, so hopefully that will be able to turn things around.

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