We’re not sure if you recall, back it was back in July that a Skyrim modder by the name of Alexander J. Velicky (and with the help of his team, of course) created the Falskaar mod which was such a huge undertaking that it took him a year to complete and was almost like an expansion on its own. The goal of the mod was to prove to Bethesda that Velicky had it in him to be part of the company and help them create games in the future. Unfortunately Bethesda did not end up hiring him, but instead Velicky has landed a job at Bungie, who for those unfamiliar, were the developers responsible for the original Halo franchise, and also responsible for the upcoming Destiny game.

Velicky announced this on the Bethesda forums where he stated that he had recently accepted a position as an Associate Designer at Bungie, and basically thanking the modding community for their support thus far. Given that he will be taking up a new job, no doubt some are wondering about the fate of the Falskaar mod and if there will be any updates and improvements in the future. According to Velicky, “Again, still entirely possible. I still have some plans that may very well come to fruition. It all depends on after I settle in if I have the time and will to continue.” In any case congratulations to Alexander J. Velicky, you definitely deserve this!

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