xbone-boxPlanning on picking up an Xbox One but can’t find it at your local retailer? Your next best bet would probably be on eBay where you might some available albeit at marked up prices. However you should be aware as there seems to be several eBay listings in which the sellers are selling only the Xbox One’s box. Yes you read that right, they are only selling the cardboard box that the console came in, but they have named their auction and displayed it in such a way that the less discerning eBay-er might not think about it and place their bids.

Surprisingly it seems that these sellers are confident that people will buy these boxes and have listed them for rather ridiculous prices, ridiculous as far as cardboard boxes are concerned, with units going for a few hundred dollars! We’re not sure if they are legitimately trying to sell these boxes to gamers who want to collect Day One boxes (like buying Day One achievements, for example), or if they’re trying to pull a fast one, but either way for the eBay peruser, you might want to read the description and the title of the auction closely lest you end up paying a few hundred dollars for an empty box. Kind of reminds us of this Judge Judy case (video below)!

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