There’s nothing like seeing some of the world’s most sought after gadgets being heartlessly and mercilessly destroyed. Microsoft’s Xbox One certainly falls in that list. On launch day alone, Redmond managed to move over one million units in the initial 13 markets the console was released in. As sales pick up around the world and more people get their hands on the console, its unlikely that many will do what you’re about to see here. Known for his habit of firing .50 cal bullets at gadgets, Richard Ryan returns to fire shots at the Xbox One and then blow up what’s left of it. In case you were wondering, he has already given the PlayStation 4 the .50 cal treatment.

Firing just one shot at the console isn’t enough for Ryan, because he sets up a detonation cord as well to ignite when the bullet reaches the console. He calls it a “drag race,” and even though the footage is shown in slow motion, it is not entirely clear what hit the console first, the bullet or the detonation cord. Nevertheless, Ryan scoops up the Xbox One and decides to blow it up with more detonation cord set in a way that it forms an “X,” an apt way to send off a brand new Xbox One.

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