xbox oneAchievements are a great way to show your friends your “skills” when it comes to gaming, especially since some achievements are not easy to come by. As you guys might have heard, gamers who purchased Day One editions of the Xbox One will also be getting an achievement, which is pretty limited since these are exclusive to Day One units. What this means is that if you were not quick on the trigger when it came to buying an Xbox One, chances are you will not get that achievement. But exactly how much is an achievement worth? Well apparently anywhere between $30-$50, at least according to listings on eBay.

Yup, it looks like there are gamers out there who aren’t too fussed about achievements and are willing to sell other gamers the code which will give them the achievements, even if their console units aren’t Day One units. Interestingly enough these are also the prices that gamers were willing to pay for the weed emoticon on Steam awhile back, but what do you guys think? Does it really count as an achievement if you bought it? Or better still, would you be willing to buy an achievement just for  bragging rights?

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