EA Stocks Dip After Announcing Halt On Battlefield 4 DLCsEarlier we had reported that EA had announced that they will be putting a halt on future Battlefield 4 DLCs until they can fix the game, at least get it into a more playable condition. This is due to the numerous complaints and criticisms that EA and DICE have been receiving over how buggy the game is, which EA’s VP admitted himself. Well it turns out that while EA’s decision to halt future DLCs might sit well with gamers and showed that the company was dedicated to making and publishing great games, investors of the company seemed to think other, as EA’s stocks took a dip after they announced their decision.

This is according SeekingAlpha who found that the company’s stock went down by 7.3% following the announcement, which we can only assume did not sit well with investors who would rather see the company move forward with newer products, which in turns would generate more revenue for the company. While this might seem a bit superficial, it could have implications on the future of EA and DICE games if the company is unable to meet its December quarter forecasts which could result in a delay of titles such as Star Wars: Battlefront and Mirror’s Edge 2.

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