battlefield-4-beta-windowsWhile the Battlefield franchise is a pretty popular one, the latest title in the series has been riddled with bugs and crashes that have frustrated many gamers to no end. Apparently one of the reasons behind the game’s many bugs is due to EA wanting to rush out the game before Activision’s Call of Duty: Ghosts was released. Assuming that was true, we have to say that their plan might have backfired on them.  In any case while we’re sure EA and DICE are working to squash all the bugs plaguing the game, EA Studios’ executive vice president, Patrick Söderlund, confessed that the studio needed to do better when it came to ironing out bugs, not just for Battlefield 4, but the rest of their games in general.

Speaking to The Guardian, “Listen, we have to do a better job of getting games into the market that are as bug-free as possible.” However he went on to admit that catching every single bug is impossible, given that games these days are starting to become more complex. “I wish I could day that we will, but I don’t think we’ll ever catch everything. I think we’ve got better at it, but I certainly think we’re not where we need to be in terms of getting games to market that offer a friction-free experience.” Not exactly words of confidence, although there is some truth in it. In the meantime Söderlund asks gamers to remain patient while they work on releasing updates to address whatever issues there might be in their games.

“I think if there are two people screaming at you out of a thousand, you can ask for patience, but if there are 500 out of 1,000, you’ve got to change something, right? You’ve got a problem.”

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