Nokia has been taking on HTC for patent infringement in a number of countries. It was able to get an injunction against the Taiwanese manufacturer in the UK and even went after the company in France as well as Germany. Last week it won an injunction against HTC in Germany which covers all Android devices that use USB ports for connecting to a PC, though HTC had the option to appeal. A similar country-wide injunction has been handed down today which also includes all Android devices made by HTC.

The Munich I Regional Court found that the company’s Android devices infringe on Nokia’s EP1148681 patent titled “method for transferring resource information,” as the devices let users connect two HTC devices over Bluetooth or NFC and transfer resource information, such as a URL. If Nokia wants to enforce this injunction it has to post a $550 million bond, which would mean that HTC devices will be taken off the shelves in Germany and recalled from commercial users. The court requires that the bond be submitted before the injunction is enforced so that in case HTC appeals and wins in the appeals court and then demands compensation for wrongful enforcement, the money already resides with the court.

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