HTC-vs-NokiaIt was only recently that Nokia won an injunction against HTC products in the UK, although the ban was later relaxed. Nokia had also recently gone after HTC over in France and now it looks like even n Germany, HTC is not safe. According to the latest reports, it seems that Nokia has managed to win an injunction against HTC over in Germany over infringement of a Nokia patent. In this case it would basically cover all HTC Android devices that use “USB ports” for connecting to a PC, which we guess would basically cover all of HTC’s devices.


If Nokia wants to enforce the ruling including the recalling of all infringing devices, they would have to post a bond of around $68 million. In a statement released by Nokia following the decision,”Today’s judgment is another significant milestone in our on-going dispute with HTC, enabling Nokia to enforce an injunction against the import and sale of all infringing HTC products in Germany, as well as to obtain damages for past infringement. This patent is also already in suit against HTC in the UK.” We wouldn’t be surprised if HTC isn’t too pleased by this decision and we expect that they will most likely attempt to appeal it.

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