HTC-vs-NokiaWhile Nokia and HTC’s legal tussle might not be as high-profiled compared to Apple vs. Samsung, it has been going on for quite a bit and according to reports so far, Nokia has managed to win injunctions against HTC over in Germany and recently in the UK as well, and not content with just those particular countries in Europe, reports are now claiming that Nokia is looking to sue HTC over in France, presumably with the intent to have HTC’s products banned from being sold as well. The lawsuit in question is the same one that Nokia has used previously and covers the same patents as well.


It is unclear as to what the outcome of this lawsuit would be, but given that Nokia has been successful against suing HTC over in Germany and the UK, we wouldn’t be completely surprised if they were to achieve similar success over in France as well. As it stands it was the HTC One mini that was the first of HTC’s lineup to face the import ban (which was then promptly been overturned), so even though it could have been a potential loss in sales, we suppose HTC should be thankful that it wasn’t one of their flagship devices that was affected. We’ll be keeping an eye for more updates regarding Nokia and HTC’s lawsuit in France, so check back with us later for more details.

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