googlegalleryWhat is it exactly that defines art? Now this is a question which has no absolutes, and stands on plenty of relativistic theory. After all, one man’s meat is another man’s poison, and in this case, what might seem to be nonsensical to you could be artistic to another. For those who think that they have it in them to showcase their artwork to the masses, but lack the contacts and know how in doing so, fret not. Google might have a virtual solution for you in the form of the Google Open Gallery that has just launched.

After all, Google has had worked worked with museums worldwide for the past few years in order to ensure that their collections end up on the Google Cultural Institute as part of a preservation effort, albeit it being virtual. We are more than pleased to hear that the technologies behind are now made available to the masses, allowing anyone to create an exhibition on their own website. As to whether what is displayed can be considered to be art, that again, depends on the viewer. With Google Open Gallery, you are able to create a beautiful experience so that folks can check out your collection of artwork from hundreds of miles away, all at the click of a button. Talk about modern convenience! [Press Release]

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