Google Search Updated, Will Launch Apps From Search ResultsIf there was one peeve that I have with smartphones is that sometimes their integration could be a little bit better. For example if one were to do a search in their web browser and come across a Facebook page or profile, it should open up the Facebook app, as an example. Well the good news is that Google has announced an update to its Search feature where search results can yield the option of allowing the user to open up their results in an app. For example if you were to Google a name of a celebrity, instead of surfing to the IMDb website, you can choose the option to launch the app instead.

Google search has also been updated where searching for apps will allow users to directly launch the Google Play store, as you can see in the screenshot above. At the moment it seems that apps that support opening from Google search include IMDb, Newegg, OpenTable, and Wikipedia, as developers will have to include support for the “Open in app” function. Perhaps down the line we will start seeing more support, such as with Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, but in the meantime what do you guys think of this new feature? Pretty cool, huh?

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