It was back in October when we first heard about Google being tied to a mystery barge that had been docked in San Francisco Bay. According to rumors, the barge was supposed to be a “floating marketing center” for Google Glass. Another theory that went around was that the barge will be a VIP only Google Glass showroom, complete with a party deck on the roof. Then another barge turned up in Portland Harbor, adding to the mystery. Last month Google finally confirmed that it is indeed behind these barges, but said that the project was still in its early days and that things are likely to change. It appears though that work on one of the barges might have been put off, because according to CNET, the barge at Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay is currently “on hiatus.”

Brad McCrea, the regulatory affairs director at San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission said that its likely the project won’t be completed “until late spring 2014,” and that Google is still exploring options about how it will use the barge once the construction is completed. The Coast Guard has already carried out an inspection and assured the public that there currently are no security concerns. While the BCDC reiterates that Google is yet to request for a permit to dock the barge in San Francisco, the agency also appears to be considering if it will require the company to obtain a permit so that construction can be continued on Treasure Island. Could the interest from two separate agencies have compelled Google to put the barges on a “hiatus,” while it tries to hammer out a long term course of action? Nothing can be said for sure, Google hasn’t commented on this report.

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