Last week we picked up on two separate reports about mystery barges, one in San Francisco Bay and the other in Casco Bay, Maine, reports that claimed the structures built on top of said barges were connected to Google. The company hasn’t confirmed its involvement as yet, but at one point it was rumored that perhaps its building a “floating marketing center” for Google Glass. Another theory making the rounds is that Google is building a floating data center. A new report from KPIX, CBS’s San Francisco affiliate, claims that the barges are actually going to be invite only showrooms for Google X projects. Google X is the company’s very secretive research unit which has been involved in projects like self-driving cars and Google Glass.


It is said that Google co-founder Sergey Brin has “personally directed” this project, which is believed to be an effort by Google to upstage Apple and its highly popular retail stores. Citing a source who has apparently gone onboard, the structure is said to be made out of interchangeable 40-foot shipping containers which can be put together or taken apart at will, thus effectively being mobile. Three floors will be “dazzling showrooms,” whereas an upper “party deck” will contain bars and a recreational area for the highly exclusive visitors. No word as yet when these structures are going to be opened.

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