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Willie Bus Concept Might Change City’s Landscape In The Future

willieDon’t you just love the kind of freedom associated with concepts when they are thought up of without any of the restrictions of the real world? Want to make a concept of a smartphone? That’s easy, assuming you are using some sort of arc reactor equivalent technology that means your smartphone need not be charged throughout its entire lifetime. Well, a certain Tad Orlowski has come up with the Willie bus concept that he hopes will be able to change city landscapes in the future.

And how will a humble bus be able to do that, you ask? Simple – the bus itself will feature a frame that is specially contorted into a slew of shapes, allowing it to create “an impression of restless energy attempting to cut through the unblemished surface of the glass.” The glass happens to be a screen in this case, and it will be able to also be used to show off digital advertisements that can then be rotated and updated, depending on a frequency of the bus company’s preference. Of course, it does not seem as though the Willie bus is going to enter production anytime soon, but to have it light up a city? That’s a winner in our books for sure.

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