Commuters know just how dangerous their travels can be if they find themselves in a bus, subway or train that has stopped functioning properly or there’s an absolute emergency, forcing you to leave through a window. Many forms of public transportation have ways where passengers can simply push out a window, but if those aren’t functioning properly, you’re going to have to break a window or two. That’s where the Hammer in Hand concept comes in.

The Hammer in Hand is a handle passengers can use during their commute to keep themselves balanced while standing on a form of public transportation. If an emergency arises, the Hammer in Hand can be disconnected from the bus or train through two buttons located at its sides, and can then be used to break the windows if need be in order to escape.

The Hammer in Hand concept could certainly save lives of passengers who are attempting to escape an emergency while riding a bus, train or other form of public transportation, especially when so much time can be wasted looking for a method to break the windows of the vehicle if they’re unable to be pushed out. Let’s just hope if something like this is included on a bus or train that there are enough so everyone can have a Hammer in Hand in an easy-to-find location.

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