live-sf-mapSan Francisco, being one of the more cosmopolitan cities around the world, has played host to its fair share of events and product launches in the past, is about to embark on something new yet again which is part of the excitement of this great and wonderful city. I am referring to this particular map that depicts the current position of San Francisco buses pulled from data at bus stops, and the end result might very well be something that totally mesmerizes you. For those who are not in the know, if you have given public transport in San Francisco a chance before, you would definitely know it is charming in its very own way, accompanied by its fair share of quirks. Hence, to know just exactly where your bus is at that point in time is ideal since it would allow you to plan your journey to the bus stop better. This is where SFLiveBus comes in handy, as it will keep tabs of the SF Muni system that plies routes around the city.

Do bear in mind that all location data displayed are sourced from stops as mentioned above, so do not confuse that with real time movement. This means there is a slight degree of inaccuracy, but it sure as heck is going to be a whole lot more accurate than ever before!

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