We’ve seen Chinese space capsule hotels which includes your own robot butler, but driving there in a regular vehicle is something that will probably take you out of the entire experience. Thankfully, Japan has come along with their own space bus that looks like you’ve stepped into a futuristic spacecraft.

Japanese bus company Willer Travel has an entire fleet of overnight buses that allows its riders to travel across Japan. For those who just want to ride around in one of Willer Travel’s space buses without going an extremely-long distance, the company’s Star Fighter will take visitors on a tour across various parts of Japan, including a one-hour trip from Toky’s Shinjuku to the Tsukuba Space Center. There are also other trips that can be taken within Tokyo, for those of you who want to meet up with your friends in style.

Now if only the Willer Travel’s space bus could take us to those Chines space capsule hotels. Sure – the trip would be super long, but considering how long a real trip to space would be, we’re sure you could make due with sitting on a bus for a couple of hours. Although we’re sure the ride from Japan to China will be a pretty bumpy one. Although, this guy probably won’t care.


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