star-busDo you have a whole wad of cash that you have absolutely no idea whatsoever how you are going to spend that money in this lifetime as well as in the next? Have you tried to explore the next frontier, which would clearly be space travel? Space travel is definitely not for the faint of heart or poor, but for the billions of us who can barely earn enough to have a sizeable nest egg by the time we retire, there must be a far more affordable alternative, right? Enter the Star Fighter bus tours that are operated by Willer Travel Inc., where you will get to travel on a new kind of space-travel themed bus that lets you virtually experience adventures in space, although the laws of gravity will still apply here, so you need not have to survive on astronaut food and drink on your travels. Oh yeah, going to the loo, too, would be a whole lot easier, especially for the ladies.

The bus is definitely something else to behold, as each passenger seat would come equipped with a joystick and monitor screens that are located on both the back of the seat in front and on the side, where the window on a normal bus would be located. I guess you can more or less say that it is somewhat akin to stepping aboard a mobile and yet fancy theme park attraction ride.

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