Texting while driving has been one activity a good majority of people realize is a terrible idea, and yet there are a number of us who can’t help but to take our eyes off the road for a few seconds to read and maybe respond to a text. But one thing we think we can all agree on is if you’re a school bus driver you should refrain from such activities, especially if you’re working.

Robert Stancheski from Seminole County, Florida is being accused of texting while driving his designated route, which shouldn’t be a surprise to learn it’s against school policy to do so, that is, unless it’s an absolute emergency. Unfortunately for Stancheski, it wasn’t and he was caught performing his dirty deed twice on video.

In one of the videos, Stancheski can be seen checking his phone while the bus is moving, taking his eyes off the road a number of times and even going as far as taking both hands off the wheel in order to fully access his device. According to reports, it seems this isn’t his first time getting caught for texting while driving as Stancheski was suspended last April for it.

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