XboxOneHeadsetAdapter-610Just last week, we saw Microsoft put the Xbox One headset adapter up for pre-order where the device would be released on the 25th of February, which is today. Now it should be noted that the headset adapter will only have stereo output through the controller, but according to Albert Penello, the director of product planning for the Xbox One, surround sound could be coming in the future.


According to Penello, he explained that the Xbox One team chose stereo over virtual surround when they planned the headset and the adapter. However he added, “We are discussing some sort of virtual surround, but I think the high quality Stereo sound (the Bass on our headset is amazing), plus great chat, and the adapter for $80 is a pretty great product.” By $80, Penello is referring to the Xbox One headset which includes the adapter. The adapter itself is priced at $25.

He also explained why they went with stereo sound, stating that unless one owns a very high-end pair of headphones, the advantage of surround sound will not be very obvious. “Keep in mind, when you’re dealing with only two speakers, and we chose higher quality stereo vs a virtual surround, since the advantage of surround isn’t obvious until you get into very high-end discreet speaker headphones.”

The adapter is aimed at Xbox One gamers who might have older headsets that they used with their Xbox 360 and who might not want to switch to a new headset. After all we’ve seen some gaming headsets retail for hundreds of dollars and to have it rendered useless certainly would not sit well with many gamers out there.

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