nokia-630-635-preview-010Now that Microsoft officially owns Nokia’s cellphone division, what will be the first device to be released by the Microsoft-owned company? Well according to The Verge, it seems that the device in question is a handset that has been given the codename “Superman” which is interesting as Nokia’s previous codenames were themed around James Bond.

That being said, the full specs of the handset remain unknown but apparently it will feature a 5MP front-facing camera, making it a great handset if you love taking selfies. It also joins the HTC One M8 as a phone sporting such a high resolution front-facing camera (although there are some that are higher).

Front-facing cameras typically don’t get the same amount of love as the rear-facing camera, primarily because it’s used more as a webcam rather than an actual photography too, but either way if you felt that front cameras were always lacking, perhaps this might change your mind. The Nokia Superman is also rumored to feature a 4.7-inch display and will come with mid-ranged specs, so apart from the high-res front camera, it seems that the phone might not necessarily be particularly “super” after all.

No word on when the Superman will be released by The Verge’s sources have estimated that it should see a release towards the end of the year where it is expected to be released alongside the second Windows Phone 8.1 update.

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