marbelAt first glance, I am quite sure that many of us would think of the Marbel Board as a regular skateboard, albeit coming in a slightly different design than what we are used to in comparison to the traditional form factor of the skateboard that you grew up with. In fact, there really isn’t anything in its appearance to suggest that this is an electric skateboard, but surprise, surprise, the Marbel Board is an electric skateboard. The plus points are, this bad boy does not come with large wheels, heavy motors and enormous batteries.

Needless to say, this is a motorized deck that almost resembles that of a normal longboard. The Marbel Board lays claim to being the world’s lightest electric skateboard, where it tips the scales at a mere 9.9 pounds. This would make it lighter compared to the Boosted Board or ZBoard, but the svelte looks come at a price – that of its battery life. Basically, you get approximately 10 miles of range for city travel, which is approximately half of that of its nearest competitors.

Well, other plus points of the Marbel Board include the ability to zip around at speeds of more than 20mph, where you can customize its top speed via a companion app, now how about that? The deck itself is pretty tough, boasting of a unibody construction that has been built from carbon fiber and Kevlar layers, making it waterproof. Unless you pick up an early bird model on Kickstarter, the final polished product will cost you $1,199.

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