stolen-phone-selfieStrange things have happened before, and as the saying goes – truth is stranger than fiction. I guess this is one of those rare cases, where a stolen mobile phone was used to send an email of a “selfie” to the owner, showing off the face of a mysterious man whom the owner has not seen before, and neither does he know him, either. According to the Essex Police, they have expressed an interest to talk to the man in the photo, which ought to be the right thing to do in the first place.

The stolen HTC smartphone was removed from an unidentified student’s coat pocket while he was taking a walk in Wivenhoe Park, Colchester, on a Thursday evening. Thankfully, the handset itself was fitted with a security device which would be able to snap a photo automatically whenever the wrong PIN code was entered, which could have led to this unexpected selfie in the first place. The student, upon receiving this mysterious selfie in his email inbox, then followed up on the case by contacting the local authorities. As to whether the police will be able to do something about the case in the future, that remains to be seen, but is there is anything that we have learned today, it would be this – if you are using a stolen device and would like to unlock the PIN code, do it in a completely dark room so that the only selfie taken would be too obscure and dark to be of any use.

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