selfie-train-deathSomehow or rather, folks do seem to want to go for more and more glamorous selfies – and more often than not, such attempts will also be dangerous. Teens especially do think that they are invincible, and some have suffered serious injuries, while others have resulted in death despite warnings by the police. The latest selfie attempt by a teen ended up in a gruesome manner, as she was swept under a moving train while attempting to capture herself with a fast moving train behind at a popular spot in Foshan, China.

The 19-year old victim had apparently stood too close to the train tracks, and she did not give two hoots to the warning horns from the driver as well as shouts from those who were close to her – but not too close to the train tracks to suffer from the same fate as her. There were some other photos snapped by different tourists moments before the collision, where it depicted the girl standing to the side of where the train would eventually pass.

Chances are, the train, when making its way over the tracks, sucked her underneath due to its size and speed. So far, this is the first recorded death of such nature, despite warning signs plastered all around the train tracks not to attempt something like this in an effort to obtain better images.

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