selfie-teen-jailShooting a selfie is one thing, but to do so when you run the risk of being detected and caught by the long arm of the law? That can be considered to be foolish, which is what Jessie Umberger found out to her dismay. Apparently, what looked to be a seemingly innocent selfie with Jessie Umberger and her sister Amber smiling in the mirror has resulted in her being sent to the slammer.

This came about after Circuit Judge James Earp revoked the 19-year-old Jessie Umberger’s bond on Monday afternoon, which will see Umberger going back to county jail until early July, which is when sentencing is due. The sentence would be for her part in a February 2015 crowbar attack that resulted in fellow teen Daniel Vukovich close to death after the beating.

The selfie that she took with her sister ended up on social media, which was in direct opposition to Circuit Judge James Earp’s wishes that no smartphones and no social media will be part of her bond release from jail as the case remains pending.

Judge Earp mentioned, “This is the problem for me. She did plead guilty to the aggravated battery, she is awaiting sentencing and on January 21 when I agreed to release her into community supervision I reimposed the conditions, which included: the defendant will not be permitted to use a smartphone, computer or tablet. I’m positive that an iPod Touch qualifies as a smartphone, computer or tablet. This is an intentional violation. She is out on a serious crime and frankly she’s fortunate she was released in the first place.”

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