selfie-benchWe humans do get mesmerized by great looking scenery and sights, and it is not a surprise at all. After all, there is something about a beautiful sight that soothes the soul and restores balance to one’s thoughts. However, we have also grown to a point where we love our narcissistic selves so much, selfies do seem to be the way forward. Hence, a pair of benches in Wales that do not face the scenic beach for a very simple reason – they have been installed there for folks to snap selfies of themselves with a beautiful backdrop.

It might seem to be a rather upside down priority of things, don’t you think so? Still, it is a novel idea when you think about it, and with such an intentional design, the tourism association of Wales have announced it to be the world’s first “selfie bench.”

The rest of the benches dotted around the town of Porthcawl happen to face the sea, but the “selfie bench” does otherwise in order to provide a better backdrop for selfie lovers. Guess it would be best to own a smartphone that has a larger apeture size in order to capture more light just in case the sun is rising or setting in the background. This change resulted in a public outcry, so as an act of compromise, one of the benches now faces the sea yet again, leaving just a lone selfie bench.

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