selfie-sealIt seems that wildlife officials now would like to have a say in the connected age where snapping selfies with animals is not the greatest idea in the world. After all, having such concern is pretty valid, taking into consideration how there have been reports of fatal accidents that involve the snapping of selfies in the presence of wild animals – and the most recent one would involve that of a man being killed by a walrus after snapping a selfie with it.

USA’s NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) is currently advising folks not to snap selfies with seal pups – not because you are going to get mauled by a very angry mother seal, but rather, seals do happen to have powerful jaws even when they are pups, and snapping selfies could stress them up, and they might just actually make a (literal) meal out of your limb in the process.

Not only that, should you be snapping a selfie with a seal pup and its mother returns, chances are the mother seal will abandon its pup for good by fleeing because it fears humans, and that would in turn leave the pup as helpless, and it would not stand a very good chance at reaching adulthood.

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