We’ve all seen the lengths that people will go to in order to take the perfect selfie, people have ended up hurting and even killing themselves, and yet there’s always a new story about someone’s selfie-taking habits causing damage. The victim in this particular incident is a 126-year-old statue in Lisbon, Portugal.

The New York Post reports that a young man wanted to take the perfect selfie with the 126-year-old statue of Portuguese king Dom Sebastiao. Instead of just standing in front of it and taking a selfie like countless others would have done, the young man thought it would be a wise idea to climb on top of the statue.

Dom Sebastiao’s statue was placed outside the Rossio train station in Lisbon, Portugal, and now visitors will remember where it once stood tall. Soon after the young man climbed on top of the statue it crumbled to the down, clearly His Highness was having none of the selfie-taking shenanigans.

It appears that Infraestruturas de Portugal, the government body that’s responsible for the statue, is going to press charges against the young man. He may very well be punished for the harm that he has caused to a symbol of national history for Portugal.

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