The quest to get the perfect selfie has led many down a very dangerous path, where we have heard and read countless stories of people dying as a result of that. Sometimes it was due to them not being aware of their surroundings, while other times there were some who took unnecessary risk to get that perfect shot.

Unfortunately, that seemed to be the case with 18-year old student Tomer Frankfurter who wanted to get the perfect photo to commemorate his trip to the US and his visit to the Yosemite National Park. According to the report from The Denver Post, Frankfurter wandered to the edge of a cliff and climbed over it. The idea was for him to dangle on the edge while someone took his photos.

It all seemed to be in control until Frankfurter started to say, “I need help.” People around the area rushed to grab hold of him, but unfortunately he was getting tired and his arms were too slippery because of the sweat, and as a result he slipped out of the grasp of the people holding onto him, falling to his death in the process.

His death actually took place last year in September, but the details were only recently made public through a Freedom of Information Act request.

According to Jesse McGahey, the Yosemite ranger who filed the report, “Frankfurter fell in a tragic accident, in circumstances that he was entirely in control of until the point of the fall. The witnesses that attempted to render aid were heroic in their actions. But once Frankfurter descended to hang from the edge of the cliff face, there was nothing they could have done to prevent his fall with the equipment available.”

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