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Man Falls To Death Trying To Take The Perfect Selfie At Yosemite National Park
The quest to get the perfect selfie has led many down a very dangerous path, where we have heard and read countless stories of people dying as a result of that. Sometimes it was due to them not being aware of their surroundings, while other times there were some who took unnecessary risk to get that perfect shot.

It Is Advisable To Avoid Selfies With Seal Pups
It seems that wildlife officials now would like to have a say in the connected age where snapping selfies with animals is not the greatest idea in the world. After all, having such concern is pretty valid, taking into consideration how there have been reports of fatal accidents that involve the snapping of selfies in the presence of wild animals – and the most recent one would involve that of […]

Man Breaks 126-Year-Old Statue For A Selfie
We’ve all seen the lengths that people will go to in order to take the perfect selfie, people have ended up hurting and even killing themselves, and yet there’s always a new story about someone’s selfie-taking habits causing damage. The victim in this particular incident is a 126-year-old statue in Lisbon, Portugal.

Crowbar Attacker’s Selfie Results In Jail Time
Shooting a selfie is one thing, but to do so when you run the risk of being detected and caught by the long arm of the law? That can be considered to be foolish, which is what Jessie Umberger found out to her dismay. Apparently, what looked to be a seemingly innocent selfie with Jessie Umberger and her sister Amber smiling in the mirror has resulted in her being sent […]


Wales Gets A Selfie Bench
We humans do get mesmerized by great looking scenery and sights, and it is not a surprise at all. After all, there is something about a beautiful sight that soothes the soul and restores balance to one’s thoughts. However, we have also grown to a point where we love our narcissistic selves so much, selfies do seem to be the way forward. Hence, a pair of benches in Wales that […]

Teen’s Selfie Attempt Results In Death Under Moving Train
Somehow or rather, folks do seem to want to go for more and more glamorous selfies – and more often than not, such attempts will also be dangerous. Teens especially do think that they are invincible, and some have suffered serious injuries, while others have resulted in death despite warnings by the police. The latest selfie attempt by a teen ended up in a gruesome manner, as she was swept […]

Teen Falls To Death While Snapping Selfie At Zoo
It looks like selfie related deaths are getting all too common these days, and more must be done about the alarming situation than just to issue warnings. Apparently, what was supposed to be a joyous occasion turned out to have a sad ending when a schoolboy fell to his death at the zoo, allegedly while snapping a selfie, right after his final exams were over.

Selfie Drone Is A Possibility
Hey you out there, yes, you who happen to love snapping selfies just about wherever you go! It looks like a selfie stick is no longer all the rage, especially since you will be able to take advantage of a selfie drone that will not only help you shoot selfies from various angles, but also boast of the ability to snap 360-degree panoramas.

Woman Complains Of Inability To Snap Selfies In Elevator
Snapping selfies have become such a norm these days, that if you were placed in a situation where it is said to be close to impossible to snap a good selfie, what would you do? Well, from the website of the prefecture of Zelenograd in Russia came a complaint from a lady who was not too happy that she is no longer able to snap selfies in the elevator of […]

Robber Snaps Selfie At Crime Scene, Caught Later On
Snapping selfies are supposed to be fun – but not to the point when you go somewhere dangerous and fall down two stories in an effort to get a glorified shot of yourself. Having said that, shooting a selfie when you are in the progress of robbing a place is also not a good idea at all, and it is an even worse idea to put up said selfie on […]

Children Fall Through Roof In Selfie Attempt
Snapping selfies is something that many of us do in this day and age, especially with the advancement of camera technology used in smartphones. However, because of that, there has also been a fair amount of physical danger that fell upon those who wanted to snap selfies – deaths included. In the video above, you can see a group of children who want to snap a selfie of themselves while […]

'Monkey Selfie' Naruto Files Appeal
Remember Naruto? The crested Sulawesi macaque that actually took a selfie while looking real good a couple of years back? It was then stated to belong to the public domain, but it seems that Naruto has filed an appeal concerning its copyright case .Wait a minute here, can a monkey actually file an appeal?

Casio Exilim TR Selfie Camera Costs A Bomb
Selfies are pretty big these days, and it does not look as though the selfie trend is about to die off anytime soon. In fact, we have even seen strides made in the realm of selfie phone cases, not to mention special software to brighten up your face in a selfie, as found in the likes of the Oppo F1. Casio intends to ride on the coattails of selfie popularity […]

Flip It Could Be The Most Ridiculous Selfie Stick Ever
It seems that snapping selfies is not going to be a trend that is about to die off anytime soon, but will continue to take off in a big way. And what better way to do so than to come up with an even more compelling selfie stick? After all, selfie sticks might help reduce the number of selfie-attributed deaths if used properly, and here is a Kickstarter campaign for […]

Amazon Looks To Selfie As Payment Security Move
Cybercrime is definitely a growing area of threat these days that should not be overlooked at all, and this means that more and more sophisticated methods of protection for the consumer should be introduced. Amazon is working on that, by riding on the selfie trend as they intend to protect your online purchases using your portrait. This can be achieved should its patent application for a pay-by-selfie technology is approved.

Selfie-Obsessed Woman Drags Swan Out Of Water By Wing
As each report of selfie deaths, injuries and even the abuse of animals start to come in more and more frequently, it gets all the more believable that those who absolutely love to snap selfies do exhibit signs of narcissism and psychopathy, indeed. The latest incident involves a swan who was minding its own business in Macedonia, before a visiting Bulgarian tourist to Lake Ohrid pulled the swan out of […]

China Delegates Banned From Using Selfie Sticks At Political Meetings
Selfie sticks have proven themselves to be all the rage regardless of where you are in the world, and tourists are definitely one of the major users of selfie sticks. However, snapping selfies can also be pretty risky to your health, and it looks like it is also a threat to your political career – at least over in China, where delegates who will be attending the major annual political […]

5 Tourists Fall Off A Cliff In Selfie Attempt
I wonder whether insurance companies should include a new clause in their terms and conditions that do not cover any kind of injury or even death if one were to snap selfies during a holiday. Here we are with word that 5 tourists actually fell off a click when attempting to capture a selfie in Goa, with two of them ended up being seriously hurt in the process.

Man Shoots Himself Dead While Snapping Selfie
Perhaps all smartphones should now come with a warning that snapping selfies could prove hazardous to your health, or even kill you. Here we are with another case of a man killing himself by accident, as he jumped on the idea of snapping a selfie with a gun. While this is not the first photo that the 43-year old man had snapped of himself with a gun, unfortunately, it proved […]

World’s Longest Selfie Stick Attempt Is Rather Disappointing
The selfie phenomenon does not look as though it is going away anytime soon, and it is also interesting to take note as to how selfies have also changed the way things work in cities. Take Mumbai in India for example – that particular city has gazetted 16 no-selfie zones to make sure that it will minimize the number of selfie-related deaths as well, especially since India has 19 of […]