brazil-germany-twitterIf you’re England and you go crashing out of the World Cup at the semi-finals stage on your home ground, then it would be considered as an unprecedented success. However, in the spiritual home of football, the Seleção are supposed to win the World Cup for a record sixth time with home ground support, and anything else would be deemed to be a failure. As fate would have it, another aberration of a match happened, except that it was worse than the hiding that Netherlands dished out to Spain – with the German machine crushing Brazil by a margin of 7 to 1. The previous record in Twitter for the number of tweets per minute (TPM) was held by the Brazil vs Chile match, but last night’s debacle on the pitch saw this record broken, having racked up a massive 35.6 million tweets, which is more than double the previous record of 16.4 million tweets.

For those who turned on the telly half an hour into the match thinking that nothing interesting happened before that, you would most probably had to scoop up your heart from the floor when you saw that the scoreline showed five goals in favor of Germany, and none for Brazil. After a painful 90 minutes, the efficient German machine steamrolled over the Seleção 7-1. 35.6 million tweets, makes #BRA v #GER the most-discussed single sports game ever on Twitter, and we do wonder just what kind of unprecedented event will shadow this record in the future.

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