Hacker_430013533It seems that the Israeli army’s Twitter account too, is a little bit porous, having been hacked for a while by Internet hackers. According to the military, the Internet hackers posted a fear inducing message that a nuclear facility was the target of some intentional rocket fire. Apparently, the offending tweet read, “#WARNING: Possible nuclear leak in the region after 2 rockets hit Dimona nuclear facility.” It seems that this was not an isolated case, as there were also several other incorrect tweets which were posted on the English Twitter account, with the IDF spokesperson admitting that the account has since been “compromised.”

All seems to be up and running just fine at the moment after an apology was put up as you can see above, with all traces of the false messages been erased since then. Who is, or are, the culprit(s) behind this Twitter account hack? The infamous Syrian Electronic Army have stepped forward to claim responsibility, where they put up a screen capture of the army’s Twitter page, sporting a minimum of two fake tweets along the way. Other notable scalps that the Syrian Electronic Army claimed in the past include CNN’s Twitter channel and Microsoft’s Office blog.

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