xbox oneSo we know that the Microsoft Xbox One console will be making its way to China this September, with pre-orders already kicking off, but exactly how many units of the Xbox One does Microsoft expect to sell in China? While we’re not sure how successful the console will be in the country, PCWorld reports that according to Microsoft’s Chinese partner, BesTV, the Redmond company will have 5 million units on sale at launch.

We should note that these are the number of consoles Microsoft will be making available. As to whether Microsoft will sell all of them, half of them, or none of them is really anyone’s guess, but given that this is the latest console from Microsoft, we reckon there should be a fair amount of interest in them.

BesTV seems to be pretty optimistic about Microsoft’s chances, stating that Microsoft has the potential to sell as many as 50 million units of the Xbox One console over the course of the next five years, making it an average of 10 million units sold on an annual basis. Considering that the Chinese market is pretty huge, we can’t say we’re surprised, but once again we’ll probably have to wait for the numbers to see just how well Microsoft is doing.

The Chinese version of the console has been priced at around $600, a good $200 more than what it is priced in the US meaning that it will be more expensive for Chinese gamers. However not everyone seems to be very optimistic about Microsoft’s success, with one developer claiming that Microsoft’s effort will fail, but what do you guys think?

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