xbox spanishNow it is no secret that as far as the next-gen console wars are concerned, Sony is leading the way with their PlayStation 4. Microsoft on the other hand appear to be struggling to keep up with the sales of the PlayStation 4 with the Xbox One, no thanks in part to some questionable policies and higher price point at the launch of the console.

That being said, could Microsoft be considering yet another price cut in hopes that it might boost Xbox One sales? Well according to the folks at NeoGAF, they have recently spotted thjat on the mobile version of the Spanish website, the price of the Xbox One has been listed at €349.99.

Previously the console was priced at €399.99, and before that prior to the Kinect being unbundled from the console, the Xbox One in Europe was priced at €499. However like we said, the price cut is only reflected on the mobile website while the desktop version remains the same. It also seems to affect the Spanish website as the UK’s website is still keeping the price of €399.99.

Of course it could simply be listed in error, but some are speculating that Microsoft could announce the price cut at Gamescom next week, but either way we’ll keep our eyes peeled so check back with us later for the details.

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