netflix-silverlight-html5Netflix had updated their Xbox One app just yesterday, which would see the company deliver the very same design that it uses in the other TV apps all the way over to Microsoft’s current generation video game console. Isn’t this cause for celebration? Not quite, apparently, as users have started to grumble about this new Netflix app on the Xbox One.

Is there reason for such discontent? Apparently so, as the new Netflix app will now be able to match the streaming service’s apps on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Apple TV and other television hardware. In the past, the Xbox One app boasted of a layout which matched the company’s app over in the Windows Store, complete with a Metro-style design that folks have gotten comfortable and familiar with. Now the introduction of such a change might be seen by many as a reversion rather than progression, since they will be presented with a view that shows off lists in a vertical series that will be able to scroll left and right, without giving users the option to view the lists in rows and columns.

Apart from that, it looks as though the Xbox One app’s main menu is now running in 720p rather than 1080p previously, not to mention allegedly experiencing a fewer number of voice navigation capabilities, the lack of gesture control options, and a missing “continue watching” segment. Will Netflix respond positively to this “outrage”? Only time will tell, but chances are they will not go back on their decision.

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