The online streaming giant Netflix already allows users to pair their Facebook accounts and suggest content to their friends. Any content recommended on the world’s largest social network previously used to be posted to the user’s timeline. Now though the Facebook integration has been tweaked a bit. Netflix will now allow its subscribers to send private recommendations to their friends on Facebook, if they ever come across something that’s meant for a particular pair of eyes only.


The new social recommendation feature launched by Netflix today lets subscribers easily and privately recommend shows or movies that they have found with only those they really want to share them with.

To take advantage of this feature first a Facebook account needs to be integrated with the Netflix account. Once a movie or show has been watched a question will pop up: Do you want to suggest this video to a friend?

Some Facebook friends will be displayed as thumbnails and others will be included in a searchable list. Select a friend and add an optional message. The recommendation won’t be posted to the friend’s News Feed, instead a notification would be sent to those that have their Netflix accounts integrated, those who don’t will receive a private message about the recommendation in Facebook Messenger.

This social recommendation feature will be available on the Netflix website, iOS, PlayStation 3, Xbox as well as smart TVs and set-top boxes. Additional platforms will be added soon.

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