android-6.0-marshmallowWhen it comes to the mobile operating system, the real battle here is between Android and iOS, but it looks like for the month of September, Android has managed to take the lead at what appears to be at the expensive of iOS. This is according to data provided by NetMarketShare, a market research firm that monitors web traffic.

According to their numbers, iOS market share for the month of September saw a steep decline from 40.82% in August to 38.58% in September. This is versus Android which jumped from 52.14% to 53.54%. However it should be noted that these numbers tend to go up and down quite a bit. Last year in April, Apple’s iOS was sitting at 41.97% before taking a dip and later going back up again in 2015.

We can’t be sure why Apple’s iOS platform has taken such a beating in September. It is possible that with the upcoming announcement of the new iPhones that customers decided to hold off on purchasing new iPhones until the newer models were announced. Plus with Apple reporting record sales of 13 million units sold over the weekend, perhaps those numbers will be reflected in next month’s figures.

However since Google has recently launched the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P handsets themselves, we reckon that the coming months will prove to be a rather intense battle between both platforms.

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