During MWC 2017, Samsung confirmed that the headphones bundled with the Galaxy S8 would be from AKG. This was pretty awesome news as you would assume that AKG headphones would be better than the default ones that most smartphone OEMs would include with their devices.

However before you get too excited, it has recently been confirmed that these headphones aren’t made by AKG. Instead they are made by Samsung and tuned by AKG. This has been confirmed by Samsung’s Philip Berne (via Pocketnow) who replied to a comment on Twitter. Some have taken a bit of issue over the fact that the headphones do have AKG’s branding despite being made by Samsung.

That being said, so far reviews of the headphones have been pretty stellar and most reviews have praised the sound quality of them as well as their build, thanks to the braided cable that was used that gave off a slightly more durable feel, at least versus other competing bundled headphones like Apple’s EarPods.

We suppose at the end of the day it’s really the sound that matters and not really the brand (although we suppose brand names do come with certain perceptions), but we thought this might be worth mentioning anyway.

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